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ACF Members:  Certification News

Great News to share with your Chapter Members on the new updated standards for the CEC® and CEPC® certification path starting October 1st!

The new CEC® and CEPC® work experience requirements have changed to better help and develop candidates with improving their current knowledge and skills to a five-year requirement.

These requirements have increased the experience of the (pastry) executive chef in the kitchen with the CEC® supervising of at least 5 full-time people in the preparation of food.

The CEPC® requirement of supervising 3 full-time people has not changed.

Another major change is the CEC® Practical Exam market basket ingredients.

Chefs must use only 1 whole chicken averaging 4.5 pounds with demonstration of 2 cooking methods instead of 2 whole chickens.

The addition of 1 whole round fish instead of the Salmon filet has really added value and increased the culinary skills to the Practical Exam.

There are also different bitter greens, tomato varieties, using either pancetta or bacon, and other root vegetables besides carrots!


You can download the CEC® and CEPC® Changes on the Certification Toolbox of our ACF Website- please remember these changes will be effective October 1, 2016, with a 90-day grace period in which both sets of requirements are being honored to accommodate the chefs already getting ready for the Practical Exam.

Let us know how you like the new changes- you feedback is very important!!


Wine & Chocolate Festival

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ACF Members:

Any chef interested in this opportunity at the NYS Fairgrounds, please contact Cynthia Kolko directly (info at bottom)

Wine & Chocolate Festival

Saturday, November 26th    

2 sessions: 2-5 pm: 6-9 pm

Horticulture Bldg, NYS Fairgrounds


The chef would give cooking demos onsite every hour, suggest wine pairings (though we can’t serve any wine) and would have food tastings available for the audience.

(Last year, the chef in Rochester did some preparation, but had the actual food warming in crock pots. The food was doled out by Summit volunteers onto small plates for the audience. We also had recipe cards on hand. )



Additionally, we raffled off the chef’s services for a private dinner at the winner’s home. The chef would set his own menu of items to prepare and shop for his own ingredients.

Chef’s quote should include food ingredients and labor, including both for the private dinner.

Cynthia Kolko
PR Specialist
The Summit Federal Credit Union
100 Marina Drive
Rochester, New York 14626
cell/text: (585)729-6173

Hurry, Chef Certification Offer Ends Soon!

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Chef Certification Website

Course Fee Savings Extended!

As a courtesy to those of you who have not yet heard about our current promotion, we would like to extend the deadline for the 20 percent discount promotional code for all courses offered at chefcertification.com!


Additionally, we would like to thank all of our existing and returning students who took the time to visit and register for courses at the new and improved chefcertification.com! Feel free to use this promotional code for any additional courses you may need. Your feedback regarding our new courses and the new site design has been amazing to say the least. We appreciate your enthusiasm for our company!

If you are in need of continuing education hours for ACF initial or recertification, or simply missed the last deadline, visit www.chefcertification.com and enter in the following promotional code during registration to receive your 20 percent discount:


Offer expires 10/15/2015

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